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Maybe you too were once burnt out! Help others not sacrifice their personal life for professional success!

Join Lisa Imel, Founder & CEO of Balanced Powerhouse on her mission to help high performing professionals such as C-Suite Executives, Physicians, Realtors, Finance and Private Equity Partners and Managers, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Working  Moms and others prevent burnout and achieve balance in their personal and professional lives. Practical, proven and inspirational strategies were developed by Lisa Imel, Founder & CEO to combat her own burnout and achieve work-life balance!

A Balanced Powerhouse achieves balance between their personal and professional lives while excelling in their career. They prioritize their physical, emotional and personal wellbeing, maintain healthy relationships and continuously strive for self-improvement.

It's harder than it sounds in a world that tells us we must sacrifice our personal lives for professional success. Coupled with our own mindset blocks, sometimes we need support and inspiration! 

This is where you come in! Promote Balanced Powerhouse Mentorship and Coaching to your audience via email and social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook. 

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