Let's Evaluate Your Needs

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We help high performers transform from burnt-out to balanced! 

Let's Evaluate Your Needs

The Balanced Powerhouse Experience

We help high performers transform their lives from burnt out to balanced. Work-life balance isn't a myth! Work less, play more and save as much as 30 hours of your time per week! 

Are you ready to:

  • Stop sacrificing your personal life for success yet still BE successful?
  • Reclaim up to 30 hours of your time per week?
  • Live a happier and healthier life?
  • Start living in the present moment?
  • Get the support you need to make real enhancements to your life?

If so, let's talk! 

Let's Evaluate Your Needs

Have we met? Hi, I'm Lisa!

Lisa is the Founder and CEO of Balanced Powerhouse and EdSolutions Consulting Group. Lisa and her team haveĀ coachedĀ thousands of students, clients, and employees to be the best version of themselves.

Ms. Imel founded Balanced Powerhouse, a personal and professional mentorship brand for high performing professionals that serves B2B and individual clients to prevent and deter burnout and lead successful lives without the sacrifice. Lisa helps high performers transform from burnt out to balanced and commonly saves her clients upwards of 30 hours of time per week! Donā€™t fall for the myths about success! Live the life you want on your terms! Ā 

Among other accolades throughout her career, Lisa has been awarded the distinguished Fulbright Scholarship through the United States Department of State and the Fulbright Argentina Program and has been recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Club of Cleveland.Ā 

Lisa believes in living aĀ meaningfulĀ life full of filled with fun,Ā freedomĀ and ease. Some of her clients have shared:

Lisa has great energy and is so positive that it's contagious. -Carrie

Working with Lisa is like a child trying pop rocks for the first time: an unexpected pop that leaves you excited, intrigued and wanting more. Youā€™re not really sure how it all happens but it leaves you feeling amazing! Ā -TabithaĀ 

Lisa knows what it's like to not live your best life because she too was burnt-out and living in the cycle of reactivity. The Balanced Powerhouse Framework she designed helped her get her life backĀ and will help you too!Ā 

Let's Evaluate Your Needs

Client Results

Our clients become like family. The mentorship and coaching process is a vulnerable experience for many. It's incredibly gratifying to support our each individual on the journey to transform their lives, reach their fullest human potential and achieve true work-life balance.

~lisa, founder & ceo


"Working with Lisa is better than any therapist I’ve ever had because I am actually making the changes I want in my life."


"I love the simplicity of the program. As I did the work, it came into focus. Brilliant! Thank you so much for the Balanced Powerhouse Experience. It really is life-changing and stress-relieving and joy-restoring."


"I didn't expect such a warm personal component. Balanced Powerhouse Experience reinforces many of the ideas I have tried to practice over the years but wasn’t able to accomplish on my own."

Ready to enrich your personal & professional life?

Get access to world class coaching, mentorship, and the Balanced Powerhouse Framework that will help you get your life back - without sacrificing your success! 

Let's Evaluate Your Needs